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IT, phone equipment, GPS

In 2009, IT and electronic media expert assessments were added to IGNA’s array of skills in order to provide investigators with a complete set of analyses.


Our skills

  • Retrieval of visible data
  • Recovery of erased data
  • Reconstruction of routes or meeting points (GPS data)
  • Media analyzed
    • Computers, laptops, hard drives, USB drives, memory cards…
    • Smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, SIM cards, etc.
    • GPS
    • Cameras, digital camcorders
  • Data retrieval:
    • Contact lists
    • Call histories
    • SMS
    • Photos
    • Files
    • Internet navigation


The service we provide

  • Validation of the presence of data
  • Data transcript


Further explanation

Electronic goods used in everyday life often carry an important amount of information than can prove useful to the investigation.

Rapid developments in technology and the constant emergence of new practices and behaviors require continuous technological monitoring. Thus, the types of media we are able to analyze constantly broaden.


The rigorous and proven method we apply guarantees that our operations do not tamper with the information contained on the media being analyzed (e.g. hard drives are cloned).


Description: Expert assessment and analysis of IT and electronic media such as hard drives, smartphones or cameras. In this ever-evolving field, we are constantly broadening the range of media we can analyze.