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The Institut Genetique Nantes Atlantique


  • 1988 : Professor Jean-Paul Moisan and his team at the university hospital in Nantes are the very first in France to work on the identification of individuals based on DNA. The team becomes leader in France and undertakes thousands of expert assessments, some of which highly publicized (such as the Montand, Grégory and Mourmelon cases…).
  • 2003 : With 20 of his hospital team members, Professor Moisan founds the IGNA laboratory, the first French automated and computerized laboratory dedicated to human genetics.
  • 2005 : IGNA wins the first national call for tender for DNA analyses (40,000 duplicate profiles in only 3 months). The laboratory expands its expertise to fingerprint analysis.
  • 2006 : An “emergency” branch is established within IGNA: results guaranteed in 7 business days.
  • 2008 : The Carso Group, French analysis specialist in a wide variety of areas, becomes major shareholder of IGNA. Opening of a laboratory in Marseille, the first providing expert assessments in information technology and bloodstain pattern analysis.
  • August 2010 : Accreditation according to the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard.
  • 2012 : Jean-Paul Moisan unexpectedly passes away, Marie-Gaëlle Le Pajolec and Soizic Le Guiner take charge of the laboratory.
  • 2013 : IGNA offers handwriting comparison.


IGNA currently employs about 50 members of staff in its two facilities, Nantes and Marseille. The team is composed of experts in each area of competency. They are registered with the Rennes or Aix-en-Provence Courts of Appeal, the Paris Court of Cassation and the International Criminal Court.


IGNA has clearance with the Ministry of Justice to conduct DNA identifications (decree n°97-109).