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Handwriting comparison

Coupled with DNA research and fingerprint research, all the analyses in this discipline are conducted by a single laboratory. In this way we ensure an optimized service in which delays and risks related to the deterioration of traces are reduced..


Our skills

  • Identifying or excluding an individual as the writer or signatory of a document


The service we provide

  • Feasibility study
  • Video spectral comparator (identification of editing, stripping, additions, etc.)
  • Comparative study from comparison documents written by the proposed writer(s)


Further explanation

Unlike graphology, which aims to define the psychological profile of a person using his/her writing, handwriting comparison aims to identify the writer or signatory of a document.

Primary technical analysis of the document can reveal a counterfeit.

Observation revolves around letter shapes and sizes, as well as how letters are initiated and linked to one another. This can highlight a tremor or lack of spontaneity in writing.